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Divorce Cases

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Legally separating of husband and wife by ending the vows that they took during the sacred marriage ceremony leads to Divorce. In olden days in spite of existence of radical inequality between wife and husband either of them was expected to compromise with each other so that their marital bonding survives. In most scenarios women were forced to adjust with the intolerable conditions for the welfare of her family, she was hardly open to work by any means of earning for her own livelihood. In India divorce is still a major social forbidden and divorce seekers have to undergo several procedures in order to get separated from each other.

Our team at Advocate Hyderabad and NRI Advocate for Divorce has a vast experience and expertise in dealing with cases like NRI divorce case and deal with domestic viloeance case, family disputes regarding property, divorce on mutual consent, contested divorce, annulment of marriage, maintenance, settlement and so on. We have vast experience in divorce cases and handling, in Family Courts, District Courts, High Courts & the Supreme Court of India. We have delivered many land mark judgments in the favor of our clients. The experienced team gives personal attention to our client's legal problems and provides result oriented relief. Therefore, we strive hard to provide complete satisfaction to our clients.

Initially we provide counseling in one on one session as well as couple, both our section of advice on divorce issues offers advices to cope with different phases of divorce, that is pre-divorce, post-divorce and during divorce. An accurate list of necessary things to remember when dealing with divorce cases helps in keeping track of making the couple bond together forever we do have a successful track record of joining the couples as well as providing the divorce to them.